Power BI for you Hotel, Hostel and Apartments.

Do you want your Mews data in Power BI? For Mews (Hotels, Hostels and Apartments), we build dashboards with standard reports.

With an overview of the daily important data and also YTD comparison for one or multiple Hotels or Hostels, as wel as bookings made today and an import of budgets.

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POS Lightspeed or other Outlet

Are you using the cash register systems of Lightspeed? We have build the connections to the databases. The dashboards show your revenue and Year To Date comparison. We can also show info about the time registration. Want to see how this looks like in Power BI?

online marketing

In the marketing dashboard we show essential marketing information, a number of slicers make it possible to let you see the insight of the data.

Financial Report

The financial report shows all the financial transactions in Mews. Reports have an overview of open invoices, account aging, creditcard transactions, ledgers and VAT information.

Pick up Report

The pick up report shows you the pick up generator over time. With slicers you can find out how the pick up is generated. 

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