FC-IT: Facilitating IT

We believe that you should not only be able to work quickly and safely in the office, but also when you’re on the road and at home. You want to have access to your data anywhere, be able to answer your mail at any time and, above all, you don’t want to worry about issues.


We are a POWER BI partner, we specialize in implementing the business intelligence methods into several booking software


As a MEWS partner, we provide several hotels with this booking engine


Stratech is a booking module for holiday homes: we are an official partner and have implemented the software for several holiday parks.

Management reports

Your data should be available anytime, answering your mails should not be a problem and you definitely do not want to worry about your business’ online security and management. Our software is developed as a direct link with the client database which enables us to answer your questions immediately. We send out daily reports on management information such as number of bookings, payments and turnover.

Questions about Power BI? Get in touch with us.

IT Workplace and security

Besides managing your website, booking system and management reporting, we take care of your IT workplace and security (e.g. IP cameras).

We partner with HP Business, Microsoft, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BIand and many other certified companies.


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